The first Sunrise caravan into the front line of epidemic prevention

The first Sunrise caravan into the front line of epidemic prevention

For days on end, each of our hearts has fluctuated with the daily release of Covid-19 outbreak data, which also shows that our nation's epidemic prevention and control still faces a serious task. In the process of fighting the epidemic, we saw the rapid rise of Wuhan Hospital, and while lamenting the unity of the Chinese nation, we also fully felt the positive role of modular houses, caravans, and other fully mobile houses in emergency relief.

After completing four anti-epidemic public toilets in the hospital in 12 hours on January 29, Sunrise Group colleagues rushed to produce six anti-epidemic public toilets on February 1, according to the instructions of the city's epidemic prevention command, to do our part in the fight against the epidemic. On February 6, 2020, the log cabin caravan produced by Sunrise and Hainan Nongken Forest Products Group in cooperation with research and development smoothly drove into the epidemic prevention project and successfully opened. This is to win the epidemic prevention and control war, to achieve scientific prevention and control under the law, joint prevention, and win for more valuable time and space.

The RV is made of modified natural rubberwood from Hainan. Modified rubberwood is a natural rubberwood improved by the patented technology of Hainan Nongken Forest Products Group, with excellent properties such as flame retardant, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, non-toxic, less deformation, good weather resistance. The interior of the caravan is divided into a meeting, dining, bedroom, kitchen, and bath areas with full living features. The bathrooms are designed according to home habits, with shower rooms, toilets, bathroom cabinets and other bathroom facilities to ensure a good user experience while living in the RV. The caravan is also equipped with a water storage tank and a sewer tank for easy drainage during mobile use. The caravan adopts the automatic discharge of the crushed toilet, which not only conforms to the general toilet use habits but also facilitates the automatic discharge, with the small septic tank, which can maximize the protection of the natural environment of the use area. The trailer is a unique design, easy to move, and well equipped, ideal for quarantine rooms, mobile wards, and living quarters for frontline anti-pandemic personnel.

The Sunrise factory has been gradually resumed on February 11th, and it has gone all out to strive to provide more trailers and mobile homes for other anti-epidemic fronts in the near future. We are willing to make Sunrise mobile homes, mobile public toilets, trailers, and other products with our actual actions to contribute to the victory of the covid-19 epidemic prevention and control campaign!