About Us

             Sunrise Group (stock code: 873199) is a Chinese-Australian joint venture, established since January 2007. In 2011 the company independently invented prefabricated building system (SPB) and since then it has obtained 20+ patents. The main features of the system include modular structural design, factory manufacturing and fast and convenient on-site installation. Sunrise manufactures and sells SPB building materials for the whole house, including wall modules, roof modules, floor modules, bathroom pod modules and staircase modules, to China and international markets. The prefabricated parts of a SPB house can reach more than 80%. The company is an industry leader in the field of middle and low-rise prefabricated buildings. Sunrise has been awarded the demonstration base of modernized construction industry and excellent foreign company joint venture in Anhui Province in China, and has AAA credit rating. A number of its prefabricated construction projects won national and local awards. Sunrise has increased investment and accelerated its development towards the integrated photovoltaic intelligent building.