Sunrise caravan is moving forward in the fight against the epidemic

Sunrise caravan is moving forward in the fight against the epidemic

On February 24, 2020, on this spring day, the second batch of three towed caravans was successfully shipped to the front line of Hainan to fight the epidemic, which will win more time and space for the fight against the epidemic.


The R248 caravan is based on the original caravan and customized according to client's needs, the main features are large space, complete facilities, bathroom, shower room, kitchen, living room, a balcony, two bedrooms, can meet the accommodation requirements of four adults and one child at the same time, and has abundant storage space to meet the needs of users in all seasons; the RS25 caravan is slightly smaller than the R248, although the sparrow is small, it still has one bedroom, one kitchen, one bathroom, one shower, one balcony, can meet the daily accommodation needs of a single person or two adults and one child. Both models are equipped with air conditioning and have reserved locations for appliances such as refrigerators, so you can match them to your liking. In the front line of the fight against the epidemic, the two types of caravans can serve not only as isolation wards but also as accommodation for medical staff, while the Centron caravan allows patients and medical staff to feel the warmth of home in the harsh environment of the epidemic.


Sunrise group have always done their part to fight the epidemic, Sunrise caravan is moving forward, angels are still saving lives and helping the injured, Sunrise caravan is still caring for angels. When the epidemic is gone and the spring flowers are in bloom, we will surely meet together happily and feel the beauty of nature in the Sunrise caravan.