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The first Sunrise caravan into the front line of epidemic prevention
For days on end, each of our hearts has fluctuated with the daily release of Covid-19 outbreak data, which also shows that our nation's epidemic prevention and control still faces a serious task. In the process of fighting the epidemic, we saw the rapid rise of Wuhan Hospital, and while lamenting the unity of the Chinese nation, we also fully felt the positive role of modular houses, caravans, and other fully mobile houses in emergency relief.
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Sunrise caravan is moving forward in the fight against the epidemic
February 24,2020, Chen Tai group the second batch of three trailers successfully arrived in Hainan frontline to fight the epidemic, to fight the epidemic has won more time and space.
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12 days, uprooted in Sydney.
As another of Sunrise Group landing projects in Sydney. We witnessed the building from design - production - pre-installation -
transportation - installation at the project site.
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