12 days, uprooted in Sydney.

12 days, uprooted in Sydney.

As another of Sunrise Group landing projects in Sydney. We witnessed the building from design - production - pre-installation - transportation - installation at the project site.

Every step we take contains our identification and insistence, effort, innovation and development of prefab building - the future development trend of the construction industry.


In 12 days, at the project site, our products quickly changed from a blank foundation to a two-story house, which attracted the shock and admiration of countless pedestrians, neighbors and even insiders. These 12 days, I always faced different people and asked the same question, what kind of technology and materials made us magically make this big and strong house.


Sunrise's own patents, the latest technology, and the most sophisticated systems are concentrated on this building in the most comprehensive way.

This is another example of our philosophy of keeping the world free of hard-to-build houses.